Oh hey, it's me!  Your friend Betty Turbo. My life as a Maker of Things began in a family of very artistic grizzly bears in the snowy wilds of Alaska. I earned a BFA in photography from RIT, and then moved to Nashville to get down and dirty with the type spirits of the universe at Hatch Show Print. After letterpress heaven and a stint as a professional cake decorator, I now focus full-time on art shenanigans from my headquarters in Oregon. All those adventures have been blended up into the milkshake of radness you now recognize as the world of Betty Turbo. 

I am available for your awesome commissions including custom portraits, wedding invitations, illustrated recipes, maps, murals, and pizzas that look like Hall & Oates.  Send me your weird requests! 

Email agnesbartonsabo [at] gmail [dot] com and use those handy social media buttons below!